Learn Enhancer Reaches Version 2.0

When I first started Learn Enhancer at the start of my degree - sometime in early 2014 - it was just a single JavaScript file that would redirect to a certain URL if it found a certain element. Eventually I coughed up the $5 required to submit it to the Chrome Webstore, and it started its slow creep on to students browsers.

This initial version didn’t catch every case, and so just over a year later I grew frustrated enough to dig right into the HTTP requests and alter them to ensure that the file could be previewed - which I outlined on this blog. Since then I branched out into re-styling every page on Learn with gentler colours (with design supervision from Sarang) - which had the delightful side-effect of letting me see whenever someone has Learn Enhancer installed. It is nice to see my work being used by people that have no clue who I am.

One of the features that I wanted to include but never quite worked out was auto-login, so that I didn’t have to two buttons before accessing content on Learn. This never quite worked out, until this morning I saw Patrick working on a script to do it. Thankfully he was receptive to the idea of incorporating this into Learn Enhancer, and soon he had a it working in the extension.

So here we go, Learn Enhancer has hit 2.0. Since this is my last year at UC, I have put Learn Enhancer on GitHub so that (in theory) current students can contribute fixes when Learn inevitably changes after I have graduated.

If you are a current UC student, download Learn Enhancer, you will almost definitely appreciate it.

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