Will Richardson

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I make stuff and have opinions about things. Just finishing a degree in Software Engineering. Often I spend too much time learning new languages to use them for any real purpose. My main interests are language, parser, and API design.

The subjects of my interest at the moment are Swift, Elixir, Crystal, Clojure, Kotlin, and Ruby. Eventually I will get around to writing a post on my language opinions. Even though I am overly picky about languages, I seem to spend a not insignificant amount of time writing shell code (be it BASH or ZSH). The things I make sometimes find themselves on GitHub, and if I am particularly happy with them they get a mention here.

Most of my work is done on a 12.9” iPad Pro - you can do real work on tablets, it turns out. This is done with an intricate system of pulleys and levers that ends up pointing to a little Ubuntu box under my couch, home to my tmux, zsh, and vim config.

On the occasion that I venture outside, I do so to run, orienteer, or practice Aikido.

My profile picture was illustrated by Sarang.