Geode: More Functions for Crystal

The only language I use for personal projects is Crystal. It is as easy to write as a dynamically typed language - so I don’t have to waste time telling the type system what I mean, but it has full type checking - so I also don’t waste time on easily preventable mistakes.

Crystal being the best programming language for side projects is a topic for another blog post. There’s a lot to say about how perfect it is.

Naturally this means that over the last 6 or so years that I’ve been using Crystal, I’ve assembled a messy collection of utility functions and classes that I share between projects.

I’ve collected some of the best bits into a library: Geode. Features include:

More bits will be added as I need them.

If for some reason you do use this, be aware that I am changing the behaviour of the stdlib, which might cause other things to break in weird and unexpected ways.

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