Nexus 6.5

I thought I’d share my 100% true, completely accurate rumours that I came up with about Google’s next iteration of the Nexus lineup.

Made by Motorola

Every manufacturer chosen to make a phone for Google has done so on a two year contract - HTC made the G1 (not really a Nexus) and the Nexus One, Samsung made the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, LG made the 4 and 5. There seems to be no reason why Motorola wouldn’t make another Nexus device, especially because their design and lack of bloat line up with Google’s ideal for Android, making them an ideal Halo product manufacturer.

5.5 - 6” QHD+ Screen

Everyone needs more pixels, and Google will give them to you. Nexuses have always been fairly far forward in the push to have as many pixels as possible. Samsung is rumoured to have a 4K display on it’s Note 5 - giving it a theoretical pixel density of 770ppi. I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if the next Nexus had a 4K display, however I think that it’s more likely to stay QHD this year.

Google will likely push the large phone (phablet) category again, meaning that the screen will be 5.5 - 6”, I’d guess that it won’t stray over 6”. To differentiate this from the Nexus 6 they might push to minimise the bezels as much as they can, a movement I can get behind.

Fingerprint Scanning Dimple

It was expected that the Nexus 6 would have a fingerprint reader to match the iPhone and Galaxy S5, so it’s more than likely that this year will be the year of fingers on Android. Stock Android devices have the disadvantage of lacking any obvious way to read a fingerprint when they are woken up because of their lack of a home button. The only other reasonable places you would put it would be on the power button (which wouldn’t get any significant area of the finger scanned) of the back of the phone, where your finger might naturally rest while holding the phone - ie Motorola’s signiture dimple location.



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