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How to: Yosemite Dark Mode Terminal

October 27, 2014Will Richardson

After upgrading to Yosemite I found myself blinded by the whiteness of the menus, dock folders and launchpad folders. Too much white for my liking - so I switched to the new dark mode, which makes most of the components black:

But leaves these white:

Previously my terminal was set up like this:

Original terminal

This is the Pro theme with a slight transparency and a custom PS1 variable - just add this to your .bash_profile:

export PS1="\[\033[0;36m\]\h \[\033[0;37m\](\W) "

Yosemite Style

I decided that for Yosemite the background should be blurred and have the same transparency as the menu bar, so I inspected a screenshot and found it to have 70% opacity. To mimick this look I went to:

Terminal > Preferences > Profiles > Window > Background

Set the background to black, the transparency to 70% and the blur to 100% for ‘dat Yosemite style:

Blurred, transparent terminal

And that’s that. I think the blur on other parts of Yosemite’s UI may be a wee bit more complicated, or at least ‘stronger’. The guys on ATP think it’s more complicated.

(Note: Mike the MacBook)

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